Metric 66

Metric 66 is often mistaken for Neoprene but it is quite different from Neoprene. Neoprene cannot be molded and is not breathable. It is also extremely heavy.

Metric 66 is breathable, lightweight, hand washable and very quick to dry.

Metric 66 is very versatile and can be created in a variety of stiffness’ and softness’.

Metric 66 is Oeko Tex certified, which is an European certification which establishes that the contents and makeup of Metric 66 are safe to be next to the most intimate parts of the body.

Metric 66 is ideally suited to create all sorts of 3 dimensional objects using any colors imaginable.


Metric Products is a 60 plus years family owned business. We have been making bra and swim cups for many years. We have perfected a technique of giving softness to products while being able to hold shapes of almost any design. To accomplish this and become a leading swimwear and bra cup supplier around the world, we have developed and perfected a product we call Metric 66.


We manufacture all of our comfort products at our socially responsible plant, which is located in Sri Lanka.