About Us

Metric Products is a family owned company which creates products intended to delight consumers.  We offer a range of products which are functional and embody good design, simplicity and beauty.  Our products are backed up by service and quality which is second to none.   We operate with ethical and moral integrity towards our customers, our employees and the environment we are in.  We are an honest company, and we have been doing this for over 70 years!

Our Facilities

  • We manufacture all of our products at our Sri Lankan facility which is located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by trees and monkeys.  We strive to preserve the beauty of the area, providing jobs to the local population.  We are mindful of the environment, recycling 100% of our scrap and by products.


  • We engage with the local community, and work on projects that are important in the area.  Over the years, we have provided English classes for the local population, participated in remodeling local schools and hospitals, built housing after the Tsunami in 2005, and participated and enable local festivals.  We also have a gardening project where we help local populations grow native foods and plants, providing seeds and other necessary materials.



We recycle or reuse 100% of our raw materials and our scrap foam cup lamination panels are used in soft toys and mattresses. Our wire scrap is recycled in local recycling plants carton scrap is used as paper bi-products.

Social responsibility

Donation of Tables and equipment for conduction of free education classes for children- Diyakada Sri Lanka

Organized and presented Cash awards to participants from the nearby village for a Lantern competition

Sponsoring of teacher for a Pre-School Program at the Public School – Palagama Sri Lanka

Donation of Waiting Room Chairs to the Wathara Hospital Sri Lanka.